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A Communication Guide Book

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“Do You Work Here?”

This work is an accumulation of episodes occurring between Customers, Management, and Salespersons, Some humorous, Some witty, and Some frustrating. It is the goal of the author to share them with the intent of bringing a smile to the readers face, or a belly laugh, to tickle your endorphins. So much so, that the writer, who is a published author, and an Ordained Non-Denominational Clergyman, has been encouraged and inspired to write a compilation of the episodes presented herewith. If the episodes are well received, and bring forth laughter, then the goal has been achieved. Consistent with research done, in preparation for publication, and to the best of the Authors knowledge, there is nothing comparable to this work today in the public Marketplace. Dear reader, you are encouraged to read these humorous and witty episodes, to ease tension, reduce anxiety, and stress, enjoy, and LAUGH!

The Applied Power of Positive Thinking

Many people struggle with issues or problems for which there appears to be no successful end-result or solution. In The Applied Power of Positive Thinking, author Dr. Curtis E. Smith presents a how-to formula to help those without hope to transform obstacles into opportunities. A counselor and psychotherapist for more than thirty years, Smith offers practical, viable, and long-lasting solutions to people who are experiencing difficulties. Using a variety of real-life scenarios and vignettes, he shows how to achieve successful living through positive thinking by combining three dynamics: positive mental attitude, the power of positive thinking, and possibility thought. The Applied Power of Positive Thinking focuses on both the individual and the family and addresses an array of topics, including stress, goal setting, communication, anger management and resolution, respect, parenting, tough love, and marriage. The Applied Power of Positive Thinking offers a wide range of valuable information on how to apply the power of positive thinking to achieve desired, positive end results.

See, Point, and Say by Dr. Curtis E. Smith

About the Book

See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Book will help hearing- and speech-impaired people to be better understood. This self-help guide is an important tool for all ages.

See, Point, and Say is also designed to be used by those who are hard of hearing or cannot speak clearly, and those who have to write their messages on a notepad to communicate. Obviously, being able to write legibly is not an easy task for anyone physically handicapped. Communication under such circumstances leaves much to be desired, not only for the handicapped person, but also for his/her loved ones, caregivers, health care personnel, teachers and therapists.

This method of communication is not only frustrating, but writing everything down is tiresome for everyone. It is especially frustrating when the person’s writing is compromised and difficult to read, making the person unsure that his/her message has been communicated.

It is with the thought of making communication less difficult that the colorfully illustrated book See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Book was written.


A Hospice Guide Book: Hospice Care:

A Wise Choice Providing Quality Comfort Care Through the End of Life's Journey

About the Book

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you wonder what can be done to make life easier and more meaningful during the remaining time on earth.

In A Hospice Guide Book, author Dr. Curtis E. Smith shows how the concept of hospice, which emphasizes the important provisions of comfort care through the end-of-life journey, can help terminal patients die a comfortable, peaceful death with dignity. A resource for families, patients, and health care providers, A Hospice Guide Book provides a thorough explanation of the hospice concept. It discusses: the definition of hospice care and its origins; hospice fallacies, myths, and facts; alternative care modalities; the hospice team and its responsibilities; levels of care and treatment; pain and pain management; hospice residences; end of life care. A Hospice Guide Book presents a plethora of information about hospice, enabling those who could become hospice patients the opportunity to receive the benefit of expert comfort care; pain control management; symptom control; and emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial support as they live with their terminal illness during the end-of-life journey and peacefully transition from this life to the next.


When It's Time

About the Book

Since earliest civilization man has prayed to a Higher Power for healing. When ItÂ’s Time explores terminally ill patientsÂ’ struggles with life, death, and spirituality. Research confirms that prayer does make a difference; healing, physical remission, peace of mind, and reconciliation with a Higher Power happen through prayer. There appears to be a paradox. Many believe healing can only be of a physical nature, when, in fact, healing exhibits itself in different perspectives. This is a compilation of true stories about patients living with a terminal illness who have found their healing by discovering a pathway to faith in a Higher Power, God.


Walking through the Valley

About the Book

Walking through the Valley explores terminal patients’ struggle with life, death, and spirituality at the end of their life journey. Medical research reveals prayer does make a difference: healing, physical remission, and peace of mind occur through prayer. There appears to be a paradox: many believe that healing can only be of a physical nature, when, in fact, healing exhibits itself in different perspectives. Walking through the Valley is a compilation of true stories about patients living with a terminal illness, some of whom have found their healing by discovering a pathway through faith in a Higher Power: God, as they have come to know Him.
Dr. Curtis E. Smith, an ordained, non-denominational minister, has worked with terminally ill patients for twenty-five years. He holds graduate degrees in marriage/family counseling, religion, and human behavior, with post-graduate degrees in psychology, religion, and human behavior.
“Dr. Curtis,” as he is fondly known by colleagues and patients, has extensive experience in both acute hospital care and hospice settings, with Brea Community Hospital, Brea, California, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which occupied a wing in Brea Community Hospital. He currently works with hospice healthcare agencies.
For twenty + years, Dr. Curtis was in private practice as a clinical pastoral psychotherapist. This work on hospice is the second edition to Dr. Curtis’s first book, When It’s Time.
Other books by Dr. Smith: See, Point, and Say, a communication guidebook for use by individuals with speech, hearing, and writing handicaps; A Hospice Guide Book, designed to introduce the general public to hospice care, which follows the terminally ill patient from referral to discharge, addressing everything you need to know about hospice care programs, as well as inspirational psychology, and positive thinking self-help publicaitons.




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