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Dr. Curtis E. Smith is pleased to announce the release of his new book See, Point, and Say.
See, Point, and Say
See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Book will help hearing- and speech-impaired people to be better understood. This self-help guide is an important tool for all ages.
See, Point, and Say is also designed to be used by those who are hard of hearing or cannot speak clearly, and those who have to write their messages on a notepad to communicate. Obviously, being able to write legibly is not an easy task for anyone physically handicapped. Communication under such circumstances leaves much to be desired, not only for the handicapped person, but also for his/her loved ones, caregivers, health care personnel, teachers and therapists. This method of communication is not only frustrating, but writing everything down is tiresome for everyone. It is especially frustrating when the person’s writing is compromised and difficult to read, making the person unsure that his/her message has been communicated. It is with the thought of making communication less difficult that the colorfully illustrated book See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Book was written.



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New Guide Educates Readers on Reality of Hospice Care
Author Smith, a psychotherapist and minister, fights ignorance about what hospice care provides

ANAHEIM, Calif. – With the publication of his new Hospice Guide Book: Hospice Care: A Wise Choice Providing Quality Comfort Care Through the End of Life's Journey (published by Inspiring Voices), author Curtis E. Smith Ph.D, Psy.D., hopes to educate and enlighten the public about the realities of hospice care and how it benefits the terminally ill.

In a survey conducted by the author, 360 out of 400 persons asked did not know what the term hospice meant. It is this staggering 80 percent negative response that drives Smith to speak so stridently about the subject.

In an effort to educate readers about the real and needful service that hospices and hospice care workers provide, Smith has compiled many stories of both those in hospice care – the terminally ill, who are looking for comfort and dignity before the end – and those who care for the ill, the hospice worker, who often have to suffer ignorance and derision from those who don’t understand what they do.

Smith cites Dr. Cicely Saunders, whose philosophy encapsulates modern hospice philosophy: neither extend nor hasten death. Rather, Saunders says, provide physical, emotional, psychological social and spiritual care for the terminally ill patient in the comfort of their home, or in a home-like hospice facility setting, to enable the patient to die a peaceful death with dignity.

“This book is dedicated to the memory of terminally ill patients, and the lives of patient families,” Smith writes, “who have benefited from the excellent, compassionate services of Hospice care, and to my dedicated colleagues and co-workers.”

About the Author
Curtis E. Smith is a psychotherapist and ordained nondenominational minister. He earned doctoral degrees in human behavior and psychology. Smith has a clinical pastoral education background and extensive experience in hospice care. He lives with his family in Anaheim, California. Smith is also the author of When It’s Time and See, Point, and Say: Common Phrase Communication Guide Book.



West Bow Press Presents Waking Through The Valley Bloomington, Indiana June 16, 2013 West Bow Press is proud to present Walking through the Valley by author Dr. Curtis E. Smith, Anaheim California.

Dr. Curtis E. Smith, an ordained, non-denominational minister, has worked with terminally ill patients for twenty-five years. He holds graduate degrees in marriage/family counseling, religion, and human behavior, with post-graduate degrees in psychology, religion, and human behavior.
“Dr. Curtis,” as he is fondly known by colleagues and patients, has extensive experience in both acute hospital care and hospice settings, with Brea Community Hospital, Brea, California, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which occupied a wing in Brea Community Hospital. He currently works with Gentiva, a national healthcare agency.
Other books by Dr. Smith: See, Point, and Say, a communication guidebook for use by individuals with speech, hearing, and writing handicaps; A Hospice Guide Book, designed to introduce the general public to hospice care, which follows the terminally ill patient from referral to discharge, addressing everything you need to know about hospice care programs.

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