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A Communication Guide Book

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When It's Time

Stories that touch you deeply...
March 21, 2009 By Victor Mckenzie

I am administrator of home for the elderly for 24 years. We provide care for many terminally ill, mostly Alzheimer's / dementia residents. Every one of them is unique - their life journey, their family, their habits, their inner spiritual world, and even their death. And I can really appreciate the important job of hospice team which takes over when doctor's prognosis for resident is only six month to live, also profound role of hospice chaplain, spiritual counselor like Dr. Curtis Smith. Reading his "When It's Time" I see again my residents who are gone, some years ago, and some recently. Brave, resilient, hard working people. Their generation went trough Great Depression and Word War Two, raging 50s, 60s and 70s, made incredible contribution into growth and prosperity of this country. They had wonderful but not easy lives, at end battling cruel long term illnesses. Many of them only in death finally have found rest for their tired bodies and mind, with no more worries, no more pain and suffering.
Hospice chaplain has sacred mission of spiritual assistance for the dying and their families, to find meaning and give comfort, to deal with emptiness, loneliness and sorrows, to accept death as event that is as natural as the birth. For believers there is nothing more comforting than feeling of connection to Higher Power in their transition to better World. Dr. Smith helps them to reestablish lost connections or reinforce the existing ones. Thank you, Dr. Smith for a terrific work, excellent book, and wish you many more years of satisfying and productive life!


See, Point, and Say

Great Resource!

January 31, 2012 By Luvs2read

What a great resource for caregivers and medical professionals! "See, Point and Say", gives a voice to those who cannot speak or who have difficulty being understood. The clear, detailed pictures of common phrases make it easy to use. It's ability to improve the quality of life makes it well worth the price!

Every Caregiver Must Have it!

January 21, 2012 By Victor Mckenzie

Being in Eldercare, Assisted Living business for more than 25 years, I found that communication with Alzheimer's / dementia residents, Parkinson's, deaf-mute clients, elderly who just too weak and frail to be able construct a meaningful sentence is often the most challenging task. Especially if this person has immediate health or other issues, which need to be addressed. So, when I saw this book on Amazon, I knew, I must have it. I ordered the book, used it, and it exceeded my expectations! We caregivers love this book, our elderly clients love it, and their families love it too. It is a real winner! I ordered three more books to have it in all our locations. Excellent job Dr. Smith, it makes caregiving easier.

Add this to your toolbox!

December 28, 20112 By Social Worker

It is profound in its simplicity and a must have for anyone working with hearing or speech impaired individuals. See, Point, and Say allows patients, clients, or family members the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with a "See, Point" method. In utilizing this tool, the frustration of being unable to verbalize their needs is eliminated and dignity and independence is strengthened. The book has large print, colorful photos, and a wide variety of commonly used expressions. I highly recommend and encourage all healthcare professionals to add this to your collection!


A Hospice Guide Book

A compassionate guide to hospice care January 31, 2012

As our population ages more and more people will benefit from hospice care. "A Hospice Guide Book" is a compassionate and valuable resource for those facing the final journey and for those who love them and care for them.


Hospice In A "Nutshell" January 30, 2012

An excellent and concise source of information on a very misunderstood aspect of compassionate healthcare that is readily available for any person who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The section on Myths is particularly valuable because it helps to enlighten the uninformed and eliminates many misconceptions regarding hospice.
The Guide Book has an excellent index, which enables the reader to find their particular subject of interest very easily. It provides easy reading, and the medical terms are written so that they can be understood by the average person.



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